Frequently Asked Questions

  • is an online consumer service which connects it’s clients with qualified licensed insurance professionals who represent top-rated health insurance providers. provides it’s service free of charge to the client. strives to provide assistance finding a health insurance plan which meets the clients needs and budget.

    Based on the information provided by the client, matches the client’s information to that of agents which represent companies that will likely meet the clients insurance needs. The selected insurance agents process the clients request and contacts the client through email and/or phone with a quote and plan details. is not an insurance agency or insurance company. is an online resource used to simplify the process of finding an insurance agent which offers a competitive plan to suit the client's needs.

  • An Individual/Family policy is purchased by you, you are the policy holder. Individual policies are usually purchased by self employed individuals or anyone who is not offered an employee health plan.

    In a Group Health setup, the "group" is the policy holder. You would have a certificate as your policy which are issued to participating members of the group. Group coverage is typically purchased and at least partially funded by an employer for it's employees as the participating members. Group coverage is typically a more affordable health insurance option.

  • Most Short-Term Medical policies will provide you with insurance cards. Some Short-Term plans will allow you to print the cards right from your home pc, if you apply online. If you apply through mail or fax, you should receive your Short-Term Medical cards shortly. You should allow up to two weeks for delivery, if you have not received them by then, please contact your insurance company or health insurance agent who sold you the policy.